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I have been a fan of Beazt Mode NY since day ONE! So this article could be a little biased! The DeadCast came about because of common love of The Walking Dead and ZPoc survival tactics. Founders, Chris & Matt wanted to find a hobby that they could do together. They sat in front of a laptop and started talking about The Walking Dead. They invited a friend, Ryan, who was a paranormal investigator to do a Halloween special and he ended up becoming a co-host. Little did they know it would turn into something that brings TWD fans together.

It has blossomed into a podcast, DeadCast, if you will, that has created friendships with TWD actors & artists as well as franships (friendships/fans). Chris & Ryan are dedicated to bringing us excellent content and fabulous actors for their interviews. They have brought together the most eclectic group of followers who have become the heart of TWD Family.

Chris & Ryan work together as private,contracted Security for a hospital health network in New York but Ryan has shared with me that he couldn’t stand Chris when they first met. He said they tend be like “oil & water”. But, once they discovered their common love of TWD & they found that common ground, it has become the DeadCast we know & love today. Chris & Ryan are celebrities in their own right. Fans send them awesome things in mail and Chris had a request at the 1st Senoia Dead bash, “I was asked to sign a shirt on a woman, on the “Upper torso area” to which I signed the bottom of the shirt.” Ryan has shared that the most unexpected thing he has received from a fan is the POOKIE doll that stood in his place when he was unable to attend the Dead Bash. Pookie is our pet name for Ryan and our dear friend Erin made the Pookie doll so Chris would have his co-host with him while he MC’d at the Dead Bash. This writer is the lucky one who won the Pookie doll during a dead cast trivia game and has even created a twitter page Pookie’s Adventures to share his antics.

Considering the many actors they have interviewed it is hard for Chris or Ryan to say who their favorite was. Chris stated, “Every guest brings their own flair to the show, and give us many amazing moments that we get to share with the audience, whether that be a laugh, a funny story, a heartfelt conversation, etc.”  We have all enjoyed the many actors, artists, fans & others they have interviewed. The chat feed among the fans during the DeadCast can get pretty crazy but we always have a blast. Ryan has shared one of his favorite parts of an interview “I don’t have a specific favorite guest, because I love every minute that a guest is willing to give us, no matter who they are or what their occupation is. I have to give a shout out to my favorite BMNY moment, and that was with Peter Zimmerman and James Chen. We were deep into a conversation about the future of The Walking Dead, and what was currently happening on the show, when all of a sudden Peter’s internet gave out. Myself, Chris, and James had a good laugh, making a joke that it was the AMC’s Executive Producers who were monitoring the interview and had determined that he said enough.”

They both agree that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be someone they would LOVE to interview not only because he is JDM and just awesome but also due to the fact they they live in the same county in New York as JDM, and feel like they would have a lot of stuff to talk about in that regard. Ryan has also stated Norman Reedus would be fun to interview because “I feel like he is a really funny, down-to-Earth, charismatic guy”. This fan girl says YES let’s make both of these happen!!

When asked about their short & long term goals for BMNY Ryan stated he would love to surpass their goal of 2000 followers & at the time of writing they have met & exceeded this goal! They would also like the DeadCast to reach multiple platforms as far as broadcasting and perhaps Walker Stalker panels. As well as diversifying into other shows outside of TWD & FTWD like Arrow, Flash, Game of Thrones etc.

I ask them about their best con experience so far.

Chris responded “2017 was my first con in New Jersey. Loved it, it was small and very personable. Chicago was huge and I probably would have had a better time if I wasn’t sick. Going to Walker Stalker Atlanta was a blessing and everything happened so quickly. A VERY big heartfelt thank to @everydaygrimes (David Inge) for donating Ryan & I two VIP tickets to the event. Atlanta has now become my new favorite.”

Ryan responded “Mine would have to be Walker Stalker Chicago 2018. I am not only a huge The Walking Dead Fan, but I am also super into Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, so for me to also get to experience not only WSC but also Heroes and Villians Fan Fest was an amazing experience.”

BeaztMode was asked to MC the 1st Annual Senoia Dead Bash in which Ryan was unable to attend because of a friends wedding. So, Chris was on his own for this one.

I asked about any changes he would make if this event is held again. He would like to add more time, as the day went by so fast and add his own photographer, so he doesn’t forget to take pictures and selfies with people. He would also like hold more interviews. You can check out their YouTube page for videos of this event. At the time of writing, the next event is being organized and all the details aren’t out yet. But, keep watching….announcements are coming!!

I asked them their thoughts on the future of TWD. Chris feels the series will end a lot sooner than any of us want. He feels that all the change coming in Season 9 will make it hard for the TWD to go on as long as fans hope it will go on. Ryan is optimistic that TWD will make a huge turn around this season & greatly improve from Season 8 which he felt was good but far from the strongest season yet. This prompted the question about the future of FTWD. At the time of the interview Ryan hadn’t caught up yet so he declined to comment. Chris feels while one show is on a downward spiral this ‘little sister’ show that many TWD fans didn’t like at first as started to catch their attention & perhaps out growing TWD.

They wanted to finish by saying thank you to everyone that follows us and supports us, watches us, shares our content. The outpouring of support is phenomenal, because without all of you guys, we would be just two guys talking to a computer and wouldn’t be a part of this huge family that we are today. Shout outs (in no particular order LOL) to Jayson Warner Smith, Sabrina Gennarino, Peter Zimmerman, Oscar Rodriguez, Robin Overton, Kirk Manley, Xander Berkley, Scott Spillman, Thomas O’Mara, James Chen, Seth Gilliam, The Senoia Dead Bash, and the people who made that event possible by pouring their heart and soul into it, Renee Hansen for helping us week after week by gathering our questions and putting them together for us, Cooper Andrews, WF Bell, Blaine Rincon for being an amazing friend and making our banners for us as we are not nearly that talented, Michelle Geiermann, Garrett Dillahunt (our first FTWD guest but not the last,) The list could go on and on. We are sorry if we missed anyone, there are just too many people that we owe a debt of gratitude to for helping us get to where we are today. We love you all!

I would like to thank Chris & Ryan for taking the time to answer my questions and for always being awesome hosts. They are a HUGE part of our TWD Family.

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