Why Judith Grimes is the Grimes we have been waiting for!

Judith Grimes has become a bright spot in the Walking Dead family. She isn’t the usual annoying kid we are used to in this series. She is much tougher than her brother Carl. She is more leveled headed than her father, Shane. She is a better woman than her mother ever could have been. And, has more follow through than her other father, Rick.

Way back when Judith was born I thought this is ridiculous. How in the world will they insure this baby will survive the ZA? When she was in Beth’s care I thought she would for sure die. She was passed around from caregiver to cargiver. When it looked like she had been killed during the governors attack at the prison I thought, well it had to happen. But, I was so happy to see that she was with  Tyreese! He would protect her. And, her reunion with Rick & Carl would make anyone cry!

The early Alexandria Judith wasn’t much of anything to the show. She was absent most of the time, who the heck was watching her during all that!? 🙂

Now we fast forward to this new and improved Judith. She is sassy and smart and I love her! She sees Negan for what he is. A criminal that has no choice but to come to the good side. I loved it when she told him “There is nothing out there for you” And, he found that it was true. They have a dynamic friendship, if you will. They are like two old friends who just tell it like it is.

So, I believe that Judith is the best of all the Grimes. I can’t wait to see what is yet to come!

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Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


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