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The Walking Dead‘s newest star Cassady McClincy grew up watching the AMC zombie series before she was cast at the age of eighteen.

McClincy joined The Walking Dead in its current ninth season. Her debut as the character of Lydia was carried out in Episode 9×09 on Sunday night, with plenty more of her set for the future, especially in the next episode in line. As it turns out, McClincy had long been a fan of The Walking Dead and the timing of her casting worked out quite well with her plans.

“I had a meeting with [EP and director Greg Nicotero], and he gave me this huge compendium filled with all the Lydia comics,” McClincy told EW. “But he wanted me to use it as a blueprint, not gospel. Those were his exact words. So I just tried to do Lydia justice. But, obviously, there’s differences from the comic and the TV show, so I tried to change what makes sense for the change in characteristics.”

Having watched the series, McClincy at least had the advantage of being familiar with the world she was entering. Still, it was a nerve racking experience, nonetheless. “I was terrified,” the actress admits. “Because I had grown up watching the show. So, I was a huge fan of everybody. But they’re so comforting and professional but also playful. So it was very nerve-racking at first, but then, once I kind of got to know everybody, we just became a family. And it was great.”
As far as Lydia is concerned, McClincy has a deep understanding of the character and what fans can expect from her. “I think that she is very smart,” McClincy said. “And she knows how to use her vulnerable, childlike persona of being a teenage girl to her advantage to keep herself safe. So she tries the whole crybaby act at first. And then she’s just throwing out all the cards.”

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